National Pit Bull Awareness Day
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                                        My Pit Bull is Family
​The positive effect that dogs have on our lives is well documented.  Numerous studies have been conducted to research the pysical, emotional and social benefits of canine companionship.  Dogs not only offer love and affection, they improve our physical and mental health, as well.  Dogs play an important role in assisting their disabled caregivers, and they reduce our stress, lower our blood pressure, and lift our moods.  We cherish the important and very special role that dogs play in our families. 

Adding a dog to your family is a responsibility, and our dogs depend on us to do what is in their best interest.  All dogs, regardless of breed, require responsible, loving caregivers.  The National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign encourages responsible dog ownership to strengthen the crucial bond between dogs and their human companions.  We are dedicated to working toward a time when no one has to face the loss of a beloved family member due to ignorance, fear and bias.